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Type Book
Title Bangladesh Population Census report, 1974, National Volume
Publication (Day/Month/Year)
Publisher Published by the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics, Statistics Division, Ministry of Planning, Government of the People's RepubIic of , Bangladesh, October 24, 1977 and Printed at Quality Printers Ltd., 6, Rajani Bose Lane, Dacca - 1
City Dhaka
Country/State Bangladesh
I am happy to see that the final results of the first Population Census of Bangladesh taken in February, 1974 are being published in this report for users both at home and abroad. The importance of Population Census as stock-taking of a nation's human resources hardly needs emphasis. It provides basic population data needed for legislative, administrative, planning, business and research purposes at various levels of administration. The census data are being published at a critical time when the First Five-Year Plan is nearing completion and evaluation of its performance, and preparation of plans for the future are afoot. I hope that these data will meet some of our vital national data requirements. The first Population Census of Bangladesh was conducted at a time when the country was still suffering from ravages of the war of liberation,, and the law and order situation was yet to be normalised. The outcome of the census should be viewed in the context of such a prevailing situation.

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