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Type Book
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 1983
Publisher Reproduction & Documentation Branch. R.O.P. Wing
City Dhaka
Country/State Bangladesh
This is the fifth edition of the S(atistical Pocket Book
of Bangladesh. We have continued our efforts to miie
the Pocket Book more comprehensive and attractive to
met diverse user needs. In most of the chapters Statis
tics are presented in an intregrated fashion and selected
Indicators have been developed for most sectors and the
sectoral tables give details of the basic information on
which these indicators are based. The Thana area. figures
have been revised and figures of area, populatton and
density have been presented ,for the newly created Thanas
or Upà-Zillas wherever feasible. For background ihfórmaion
of the most tables in the Pocket nook, users are
advised to refer to our monthly and annual publicatjoj)s.
We are constantly endeavouring to improve the
quality and coverage of all our publications including
the Pocket Book, so that timely, accurate and detailed
Statistics depicting all aspects of our national life and
economy are available to the users.
I take this opportunity to extend my thanks to all
Autonombus Bodies and Org'anisations who have con tinued
to help us in providing data and other assistanee
in bringing out this publication. I hope they will tiot
hesitate to extend the same co-operation in future. Suggestions -
for improvement of this publication' will be most welcome.