Poverty Monitoring Survey


Poverty is a complex phenomenon responsible for economic backwardness of the country.Therefor allevation of poverty within the shortest possible time is the priority goal of the government for prescribing policy measures for poverty alleviation, the continuous flow of nauon regarding states and process dimension of poverty is inevitable. Considering this need, Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics has introduced a regular Poverty Monitoring Survey or System since 1994. The PMS was designed to establish and institutionalize a regular poverty monitoring system relating to multi-dimensional indicators of poverty and provide feedback to me policy makers to initiate appropriate poverty eradication strategies. The Centre on Integrated nulan Development for Asia and the Pacific (CIRDAP) has provided technical assistance to the survey easure programme. A large scale survey was conducted in May 99 with the assistance of CIRDAP. The survey sample of 1999 has produced poverty measures separately for u